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My  Story

For over a quarter of a century in the entertainment biz...

Growing up in the Midwest as the son of an Air Force officer and career nurse mother (and professional artist) has taught Michael the value of hard work, focus of energy and commitment to excellence.  As a youth he developed an early proficiency as an illustrator and fine artist; having received several art study scholarships and awards before graduating high school.  Early in college, however, his love of science and technology steered his interests toward pursuing an education in Aerospace Engineering and medicine, with an aspiration to hopefully one day become a member of the NASA astronaut program. But that dream was all about to change when he made his first appearance on film in a major studio theatrical feature shooting locally.  

The acting and production bug bit him hard;  soon he found himself studying filmmaking and post production, once again becoming a student in coursework learning voiceover development and on-camera character acting with revered industry experts. Eventually landing agency representation with almost every prominent talent agency in the Twin Cities, Michael soon found himself working steadily as an on camera actor and voice over performer.  While on the sets of commercial and film shoots he didn't misuse his energy during production downtime lounging around with the other actors; but rather he intensely studied the jobs of the production team members by learning not only their technical craft, but asking them how they acquired their skills and achieved excellence for their respective work. 

When local production work in the Twin Cities began to dry up during the early New Century due to tighter film and advertising budgets further compounded with the emergence of internet commerce,  the media and entertainment industry dramatically shifted the playing field of everyone involved. As an essential of monetary stability, Michael immersed himself in professional career paths including finance and accounting, mortgage underwriting, and eventually experiential marketing and branding before returning full time to his love of craft:  Voiceover Acting and Post Production.

As Michael is as dedicated to his love of performance as you, the Client, is to your level of achievement with passion and excellence, you are invited to reach out to him for a complimentary 15 minute consultation to discuss your Vision, your Dream, your Ideal Project.  And together, we can originate and build Your Beautiful Masterpiece.



Barry Diller
Creative Artists Agency


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