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Audio Services

* A professional, full-time, male voice talent with custom in-home HD broadcast quality      recording studio.*

* Edited voice tracks. Files in WAV, MP3 or AIFF format (based on your specifications)

* Music beds available upon request.  (Rates based on market and usage)

* Monthly retainer and bulk rates available.

* Audio delivered via email, FTP, Dropbox.

* Free retakes to correct or adjust a read to your complete satisfaction.

Commercial - Michael Kelleher
Narration & eBooks - Michael Kelleher
Danish Energy, Mercedes, Medicare & The Mix - Michael Kelleher
Characters - Michael Kelleher
Mixed Variety - Michael Kelleher

Avventura in Italia

A Film Treatment by M. Kelleher

This is an oldie but goodie I created over a decade ago to shop around the studios in an effort to sell the nonfictional narrative to television producers as a miniseries, which was a growing trend at that time.  This Motion Picture was shot almost entirely with a consumer grade point-and-shoot digital camera. This Demo is a short excerpt from the full feature presentation {est. run time 48 min} that showcases filmmaking craftsmanship through photography, screenwriting, voice over performance, editing and advanced post production techniques. Tapping from a resource of over 4,327 original photos taken over a 20 day excursion to Italy in 2007, my zero-budget one-man operation successfully fulfills every role in the proud creation of this piece. My primary thrust is to invigorate the magic of true storytelling that has evolved throughout the centuries of humankind entertaining audiences as I explored my cynical observations of life as a commercially de-sensitized American living in a modern world of advertising, branding and mass consumerism; my first trip ever to another country is what finally awakened my own personal discoveries about myself and how spectacular this realization came to fruition.

Michael Kelleher Demos
Michael Kelleher

Allow me to lend my voice to your exciting project: whether you need a voice character age ranges from early 30's young business executive to late 60's college professor, with a style range from commanding and authoritative, to sensual and alluring, to the everyday neighborhood dad.  I have returned to Non-Union status, and I am no longer  represented through any agency anymore, in order that I have the freedom to negotiate my own rates and contractual agreements with clientele.  


My professional voiceover acting experience includes over 220 national tv spots, radio ads, audiobooks, and general industrials over the last two decades.  I also do my own tracking and post production services in my home studio, which is included with my package price.  If you prefer that I record at your facility I can travel within 250 miles of the Twin Cities area; please note there is a negotiable travel stipend over 30 miles.

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